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Helping Our Customers Better Help Their Customers

LobbyCentral is rooted in resolving communication-related problems. Our open line of communication with our customers enables us to respond in real-time and deliver on our promise of premier customer service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop Customer Service and Queue Management software that delights our customers.


We accomplish this through careful planning and innovation, combined with years of experience, and collaboration with our customers.


We are committed to providing a highly focused solution to a wide range of industries, including Government, Financial, Education, Retail, and Logistics.


LobbyCentral brings value by replacing manual processes, managing customers and employees’ use of time, and provides a companies with detailed insight on the efficiency of its Customer Service operations.

Our Story

Fuhr Software, Inc. began in 1995 when the founder, Jaime Fuhr, worked for a credit union and saw the need for a more secure and organized way for members to check in and wait for service.


At the time, the credit union was using a paper sign-in sheet. Potentially sensitive information was available for anyone to view, and employees didn’t always know when members had already been helped, or when they left due to long waits. That’s when Jaime created the first iteration of what is now LobbyCentral.


LobbyCentral was founded in 2005 and is based in Columbus, Ohio. We have customers all over the country in many different industries. Our core customers are in Education, Healthcare, Government, Retail, and Finance.

Meet the core team


JAIME FUHR | Founder & CEO

Jaime Fuhr is the Founder and CEO with over 30 years of experience in application programming and design.  Before starting the company, Jaime specialized in creating processes that improved customer service. Outside of work, Jaime constantly evaluates processes to see where technology can improve a business and its customer's experience.  Jaime is an avid coin collector and enjoys spending time with his daughter, girlfriend, and the family poodle.

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Rachelle Tinsley is the Vice President of Operations and board member for LobbyCentral since 2014.  Her integrity, and dedication to customers and employees alike, made her a perfect fit for her current position.  She enjoys spending time with her husband and teenage son, as well as their dog and two cats. In her free time, she enjoys reading, crafting, and watching scary movies.

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ERIN GERARDI | Sales & Support Lead

Erin Gerardi is LobbyCentral’s newest Sales & Support Representative since 2021.  With almost 30 years in the customer service world, she brings a lot of enthusiasm and experience to the office.

Outside of work, she and her husband, Vincent, spoil their 3 cats.  She enjoys filling her house with plants and aquariums and has many hobbies like painting, crafting and photography. 


PAULA McCROSKY | Billing Manager

Paula McCroskey is the HR & Billing Manager and board member and has been with the company since 2007.  She loves watching her son play soccer and she enjoys spending time with her family on camping trips. Her crafting abilities are impressive, and she also likes to read.    

Join our team

 As a quickly growing company, we are always looking for passionate, talented and creative people to join our team.

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