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Managed Check-In ~

LobbyCentral simplifies and takes the guesswork out of the customer check-in experience. Manage wait times, send status updates, provide online scheduling, and more.



Check-In Management   |   Online Appointments   |  Customer Kiosk   |   Unlimited Users & Check-ins   |   Contact-free Check-in

Why use LobbyCentral?

LobbyCentral gives you a centralized platform to engage with customers through three channels: Scheduling, Check-In, and Communication. 

  • Customers can schedule appointments online

  • Waiting customers can be queued into separate groups

  • Use StatusTrack and Polls to connect with customers

With LobbyCentral, you can say goodbye to:

Lines & Over Crowded Lobbies

Sheets & Take-a-Number

Understaffing During Peak Hours

Communication Delays

Skipping Customers

Top Features

Avoid the health hazard of a full lobby.

Touchless check-in keeps visitors out of the lobby until their turn and prevents the spread of COVID-19 or other contagions such as the flu. 

Why our customers love LobbyCentral

Fanatical customer service with responses usually within an hour.

Reliable Service With 24 Hour Monitoring

Be Up & Running In As Little As 10 Minutes

80% Of Our Additions & Changes Directly From Customer Requests

Long Running Application, First Released In 2005


Know your numbers

Gain insights to valuable data and continue to improve on your customer's experience. 

  • Identify traffic patterns throughout the day & week

  • Find out why customers are coming in

  • Understand abandonment rate, and why customers exit the line

  • Know wait and service times

*Available in all subscription levels.

So much more than just checking in...

Keep staff informed on who is waiting and scheduled appointments. Inform customers about their current wait times & alert them when they're ready to be seen. Make your office more efficient and engage with your customers for increased satisfaction using LobbyCentral.

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