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Managed Check-In ~

LobbyCentral simplifies and takes the guesswork out of the customer check-in experience. Manage wait times, send status updates, provide online scheduling, and more.



Check-In Management   |   Online Appointments   |  Customer Kiosk   |   Unlimited Users & Check-ins   |   Mobile Check-in

Why use LobbyCentral?

LobbyCentral gives you a centralized platform to engage with customers through three channels: Scheduling, Check-In, and Communication. 

  • Customers can schedule appointments online

  • Waiting customers can be queued into separate groups

  • Use StatusTrack and Polls to connect with customers

With LobbyCentral, you can say goodbye to:

Lines & Over Crowded Lobbies

Sheets & Take-a-Number

Understaffing During Peak Hours

Communication Delays

Skipping Customers

Top Features

Why our customers love LobbyCentral

Excellent customer service with responses usually within an hour.

Reliable Service With 24 Hour Monitoring

Be Up & Running In As Little As 10 Minutes

80% Of Our Additions & Changes Directly From Customer Requests

Long Running Application, First Released In 2005


Know your numbers

Gain insights to valuable data and continue to improve on your customer's experience. 

  • Identify traffic patterns throughout the day & week

  • Find out why customers are coming in

  • Understand abandonment rate, and why customers exit the line

  • Know wait and service times

So much more than just checking in...

Keep staff informed on who is waiting and scheduled appointments. Inform customers about their current wait times & alert them when they're ready to be seen. Make your office more efficient and engage with your customers for increased satisfaction using LobbyCentral.

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